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The Ancient Remedy for Hemorrhoids
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We're here to help you, naturally! We know there are many product choices available to you, but what we offer here is a chance to end the hemorrhoid cycle ... once and for all!


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* 100% Natural * Cool-A-Roid contains only natural ingredients from plants, herbs & trees. FDA Approved! Guaranteed Full Strength! We provide proven results!

Cool-A-Roid - "The Ancient Remedy for Hemorrhoids"


$39.95 + Shipping






Cool-A-Roid - 8 Ounce Jar (227 g) + 2 Ounce Travel Jar (57g)

(California residents pay a 9.75% sales tax)

As the premier medication for treating hemorrhoids, Cool-A-Roid is a true medical breakthrough for those who suffer from this debilitating condition. Cool-A-Roid treats and destroys the Hemorrhoids by attacking them directly. Cool-A-Roid's Full Strength All Natural ingredients are applied to the swollen veins inside and around the rectum. Immediately, one will get relief from itching and burning. After just a few short weeks patients should begin to feel hemorrhoid reduction. Sustained Cool-A-Roid absorbtion causes them to shrink and close. After 3 to 5 weeks of daily applications the veins will no longer be susceptible to inflamation and/or bleeding. A welding type effect on the veins produced the final conclusion to your problem. Cool-A-Roid begins at the surface and gets to the root of the problem ... once and for all!




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