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The Ancient Cure for Hemorrhoids
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We're here to help you, naturally! We know there are many product choices available to you, but what we offer here is a chance to end the hemorrhoid cycle ... once and for all!


Cool-A-Roid is 100% Organic & FDA Approved:

Cool-A-Roid was established in 1993, after years of extensive research and trials. Cool-A-Roid has cured thousands of patients worldwide - helping people regain their health and life!

No more pain and suffering!

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Introducing Cool-A-Roid hemorrhoid treatment balm, the proven, All Natural cure for hemorrhoids without surgery!

People who have had hemorrhoids know from painful experience that most over-the-counter treatments do not provide long-term relief. Hemorrhoids reemerge all the time, even on people who use some of the most popular brands available. One reason these household-name treatments don't work is that they consist of harsh synthetic chemicals rather than natural ingredients.

As the premier medication for treating hemorrhoids, Cool-A-Roid is a true medical breakthrough for those who suffer from this debilitating condition. Cool-A-Roid treats and destroys the Hemorrhoids by attacking them directly. Cool-A-Roid's Full Strength All Natural ingredients are applied to the swollen veins inside and around the rectum. Immediately, one will get relief from itching and burning. After just a few short weeks patients should begin to feel hemorrhoid reduction. Sustained Cool-A-Roid absorbtion causes them to shrink and close. After 3 to 5 weeks of daily applications the veins will no longer be susceptible to inflamation and/or bleeding. A welding type effect on the veins produce the final conclusion to your problem. CoolARoid begins at the surface and gets to the root of the problem ... once and for all!




$89.95 + Shipping




Cool-A-Roid - 8 Ounce Jar (227 g)

+ 2 Ounce Travel Jar (57 g)

$89.95 Includes both Jars: 10 Ounces Total

(California residents pay a 8.25% sales tax)




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